Person to Person Payments Analytics

Date: 2015-11

The global P2P market is currently undergoing a phase of rapid and unprecedented development driven by both changes in global consumer dynamics and the impacts of emerging, and potentially trans-formative technologies. As the market continues to grow, payment providers are now faced with the opportunity to replace more traditional forms such as cash and cheques, but will face new challenges.

– Understand the market’s potential with Verdict Financial’s proprietary P2P data metrics.
– Form your strategy effectively by measuring the level of current P2P activity in domestic transactions.
– Understand trends in gifting as compared to the settling of debts and use this to better target the different needs of this payment market.

– How many consumers use P2P payments?
– How do consumers engage in P2P? Are there tools they prefer over others?
– Is there any opporunity in P2P gifting? How does this differ from standard P2P?

Key Highlights
Up to 90% of consumers globally report they conduct P2P transactions in their personal lives to settle small debts. P2P payments in the range of $0-10 (or local equivalent) are those most commonly made, but the penetration of higher value P2P payments is also high. At a global level, 83% of consumers make P2P payments of $100 or greater.

Cash accounts for a high proportion of these payments across all value bands, and is the most used tool for all P2P payments below $100. Above this threshold, bank transfers are used for 36.2% of payments, compared to 35.8% for cash. PayPal accounts for around 3% of these payments across all value bands.

Gifting money or stored value in some form is a very common activity among consumers, with just over 83% of consumers reporting that they do this. Consequently this is therefore a major payment opportunity. Cheques are a huge replacement opportunity, as they account for over 10% of all gifts above $25 in value.”


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