Overview for New Pesticide Technical Registrations in 2014

Date: 2015-05

“Industry dynamics:
This year is the “”Twelfth Five-Year”” ending battle, while it is still far from expectation of environmental protection aspect in pesticide industry. In the background of publication of new environment protection law on April 24th, 2014, environmental scrutiny will be the key point in pesticide industry. In 2015, the environmental scrutiny extent will keep extending:
– Jiangsu Province will extend the environmental scrutiny to the whole pesticide industry, and a quarter of pesticide enterprises will face rectification.
– Zhejiang Province and Shandong Province will follow Jiangsu province’s step about the scrutiny.
– Implement of glyphosate environmental scrutiny won’t be relaxed.

Pesticide registrations reflect the development trends for pesticide industry in China to some extent. According to the information released by the Institute for the Control of Agrochemical, Ministry of Agriculture of China (ICAMA) on 31 Dec., 2014, there were totally 421 new registrations of pesticide technical (renewals excluded) in China in 2014, which are more than the annual numbers from 2010 to 2013. This indicates a booming year for the pesticide market in China.

Among the 421 new pesticide registrations, 157 of them were herbicides, 126 insecticides and 113 fungicides. 17 new pesticide technical were firstly registered in China, including 10 herbicides, 4 fungicides and 3 insecticides.

The number of new registrations could show a market signal to some extent. Florasulam, s-metolachlor, glufosinate ammonium, glyphosate and flumetsulam are herbicides with the largest new registration number; thiamethoxam, pymetrozine, lufenuron and indoxacarb are insecticides which had the largest number of new registrations; azoxystrobin, difenoconazole, fludioxonil and thifluzamide were fungicides which had been registered mostly in 2014.

Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Xingbai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Co., Ltd. were the relatively active registrants who obtained a large number of approvals. All of them had more than 10 new registrations in 2014, and the number of Weifang Rainbow even reached 33.

In this report, new pesticide technical registration cases in 2015 will be detailed in the following aspect:
– New registration for pesticide technical in 2014
– Enterprises registered pesticide technical in 2014
– New registrations of herbicide technical in 2014: an overview
– New registrations of insecticide technical in 2014: an overview
– New registrations of fungicide technical in 2014: an overview


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