OTT Video in Latin America: Demand for Local Exclusive Content Drives Competition Among SVoD Platforms

Date: 2016-05

OTT video markets in Latin America are relatively diverse not only along demographic and socio-economic lines, but also in terms of adoption of telecom and video services. Countries with high adoption rates of pay-TV, fixed broadband and mobile broadband see the most robust and innovative OTT ecosystems. Netflix’s arrival to Latin America, in 2011, triggered the launch of a number of SVoD initiatives, both at the regional and country level, mostly from established telecom and pay-TV operators looking to defend their position in the pay-TV market, such as Am茅rica M贸vil (Claro Video) and Telef贸nica (On Video/Movistar Play). Because of the strong influence that Netflix has had in the region, most paid OTT services in the region currently provided on a SVoD basis, although a significant number of companies are also relying on a combination of SVoD, TVoD and AVoD as well as paid linear and free linear content to round out their service offerings.

Key Findings
–聽The strongest opportunity for paid OTT video will continue to be in large Latin American markets, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the countries offering most scale and growth potential over the next five years.

–聽The addition of linear content as part of SVoD packages represents could bring important opportunities for pure SVoD service providers across the whole region.

–聽Operators can differentiate themselves better and increase customer loyalty by using an OTT service; for pure-play OTTs, meanwhile, partnering with operators can boost customer acquisition by exposing households to the service via pre-established customer relationships.

–聽As more lower-income households get connected in Latin America, pay-TV and telecom operators in the region should look at addressing this segment by launching a low-cost, stand-alone and mobile-focused OTT video service packed with relevant content

‘OTT Video in Latin America: Demand for Local Exclusive Content Drives Competition Among SVoD Platforms,’ a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, analyzes the market for over-the-top (OTT) video services in Latin America. It provides both an overview of the existing situation with current trends and a detailed look at select service providers and markets. Examples are provided from Latin American markets of all types.

The report is organized as follows:

– The OTT video market: This section provides a general analysis of OTT services, including a taxonomy and an overview of the business models and content provision that are relevant to Latin American markets.

– OTT video in Latin America – Overview, market comparisons, providers and opportunities: This section examines more specifically the region’s markets, including pay-TV and smartphone penetration, common business models, pricing schemes and OTT service provider types. The section also provides results from the Pyramid Research OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index, comparing the main OTT markets on infrastructure, demand and socioeconomic factors, and profiles a number of OTT service providers.

– OTT video in Latin America: Overview, forecast and trends: This section analyzes in more detail the OTT video market in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina; providing market and revenue forecasts and identifying key market trends.

– Case studies: This section comprises three case studies to identify best practices and to look more closely at some of the factors that driving growth.

– Key findings and recommendations: This section provides the report’s findings on OTT video markets in Latin America, along with Pyramid Research’s recommendations for telecom operators, mobile operators, pure-play OTT players, broadcasters, pay-TV providers and media companies.

– Provides a comprehensive, detailed understanding of over-the-top video (OTT) services in the diverse pay-TV markets in Latin America.

– Includes analysis on the pricing strategies, business models and the great variety of OTT service providers, looking in particular at the various challenges and opportunities facing them, with examples from OTT providers throughout the region.

– To highlight Latin America region’s most attractive OTT markets, it draws on Pyramid Research’s OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index, which ranks markets globally based on infrastructure, demand and socioeconomic factors.

– A section on the OTT markets in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina offers particular insight into these markets, including an overview, revenue forecasts and an examination of growth drivers and inhibitors.

– Offers an overview of the actionable analysis of trends offers a wider perspective, while its case studies of five OTT providers in Latin America provide a resource for more detailed planning.

– Includes section of key findings and recommendations extracts the crucial forward-looking trends in OTT to allow OTT pure plays, pay-TV operators, broadcasters, telecom network operators, media companies, IT vendors and regulators to develop effective longer-term OTT strategies.

– Boasts of high presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately, for an executive-level audience.


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