Opportunities in Umami ;Exploring the potential of the fifth taste

Date: 2015-12

Umami is the recently accepted fifth basic taste, and describes the strong savory flavor that works as an important building block for many food items. There is a growing opportunity for the umami concept within the food and drink industry.

Key Findings
–聽Umami can be a game-changer in the development of formulations for sodium reduction. A large range of umami flavors can be used to successfully reduce salt or sodium in a food or drink product. For example, according to the Glutamate Association, MSG can reduce the amount of sodium in a recipe by up to 40%, while still maintaining the desired flavor.

–聽Umami-generating or -enhancing ingredients, such as yeast extracts, hydrolyzed proteins, and soy sauce, can be used in food and drink manufacturing to create vegetarian or vegan products or meals that have enough savory flavor to perform as suitable meat substitutes.

–聽Umami may have a role to play in improving the health of consumers above and beyond its potential role in sodium reduction. Umami’s effects on appetite development, digestion, and satiety are being investigated, and may be important in future food design.

The report presents new and innovative ways of using the umami concept for salt reduction, vegetarian/vegan products, and clean label/””natural”” food items. The report concludes with the potential for umami to create healthy foods, innovations in taste research and sensory evaluation, and what might be the future impact of related concepts such as kokumi on the food and drink industry.

–聽Understand what umami is and what potential it has to add value to new food and drink products.

–聽Discover which ingredients can deliver the umami sensation and how these are being used in new products in a range of sectors.

–聽Learn how umami can help to create tasty and satisfying reduced sodium, “”natural,”” and/or vegetarian or vegan foods.

–聽Learn about consumer reaction to MSG and umami, and how this varies by demographic.

–聽Discover future opportunities linked to the umami concept; such as kokumi.


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