MVNOs in Latin America: Regulatory Changes Create Growth Opportunities for New Market Players

Date: 2015-10

The presence of MVNOs in the Latin American region has been very limited thus far, particularly when compared to more mature regions such as Western Europe and North America, where MVNOs have attracted a considerable number of subscribers. Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the MVNO model in Latin America and regulators and policy makers across the region, looking for ways to stimulate competition in their respective mobile markets, have recently started to issue specific laws to regulate the entry and activity of MVNOs. This report analyzes regulation as one of key growth drivers for MVNOs in the region.

Key Findings
– Niche and telco are currently the most prevalent business models in Latin America, accounting for 31% and 24% of the total active MVNOs in the region. MVNO sub-brans account for 21%, while the remaining MVNOs are focused on the M2M, discount, retail and ethnic markets.

– Pyramid Research anticipates MVNO subscriptions in Latin America will top 7.0m by year-end 2015 or 0.9% of the region’s total mobile base, making it the fourth-largest MVNO region in terms of penetration worldwide. Colombia will remain as the largest MVNO country, both in terms of subscribers and penetration, distantly followed by Chile.

– Growth in the Latin American MVNO market will be mainly driven by regulatory changes aimed at stimulating competition in the mobile segment and reducing entry barriers for new players.

“MVNOs in Latin America: Regulatory Changes Create Growth Opportunities for New Market Players”, a new Latin America Telecom Insider by Pyramid Research, provides an executive-level overview of the MVNO market in Latin America today, with forecasts of key indicators up to 2020. It delivers deep quantitative and qualitative insight into the Latin America MVNO market, analyzing key trends, drivers, and challenges, assessing business models, evaluating market players, based on proprietary data from Pyramid Research’s databases.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following:

– Global and regional MVNO market context; a comparative review of the MVNO market size and forecast, network business models, and positioning within the mobile communications market in Latin America

– Analysis of the regulation that impacts the growth of MVNO market in Latin America.

– Market details; a look at case studies of key players within the MVNO market in Latin America, providing a competitive analysis showcasing their current and near-term strategies to succeed this in this market.

– Conclusions; this section details the key findings regarding the MVNO market in Latin America and the near-term opportunities for operators, investors and regulators in the telecommunications and MVNO markets in Latin America

Reasons To Buy
– Facilitates the telecom services provider to gain a context of the MVNO market in Latin America, to align their services offering.

– Helps the telcos to identify the main business models currently available in Latin America and gain knowledge on some of the most successful initiatives for each business model.

– Understand the regulatory and support framework for MVNO growth in Latin America, as well as the impact of the main regulatory trends in the region.

– Identifies the countries in Latin America which hold the greatest potential for the development of MVNOs, so as to enable telcos launch their operations in some of these countries.

– Gain an understanding of what regulators, MNOs and MVNOs can do to make the MVNO market more dynamic and take advantage of existing growth opportunities.”


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