Mobile payment Japan, e-money and mobile credit report

Date: 2015-05

Electronic money (e-money) and mobile payments started in Japan 1999 – about 10 years ago, and are growing exponentially. Both mobile payments and e-money are substantial parts of Japan’s economy today, and a substantial part of payment transactions and money in circulation are e-money including mobile phone based e-money.
This report includes a large number of statistics and usage data and projections out for growth expected for the next years. The report explains case studies and business models, which are successful in Japan and which can also be applied to other markets elsewhere in the world. The present report gives a comprehensive overview of the variety of mobile payment services in operation in Japan, explains in detail how several proven mobile payment systems work, and explains the trends for mobile payments, transactions and mobile credit. The report describes the fundamental shift of paradigm occuring in the wireless communication industry and driven from Japan. This report includes descriptions of the newest electronic money systems, including SUICA, PASMO, Nanaco, VISA-Touch, WAON and more.

many major semiconductor electronics companies have purchased one or more copies of this report! We produced the first version for the steering committee meeting of the Mobile Payment Forum in Tokyo in 2005, which our company co-organized.


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