Metalaxyl Survey in China

Date: 2015-05

Metalaxyl is a systemic fungicide that is usually used to control plant diseases caused by oomycete fungi. Because of its broad-spectrum activity, metalaxyl is used worldwide for protecting a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Currently, there are only five producers of metalaxyl technical in China with a total capacity of 2,800 t/a. Over 60% of China鈥檚 metalaxyl is exported. The export volume has increased sharply since 2011 driven by the thriving demand from the overseas market.

China鈥檚 metalaxyl technical production was deeply influenced by its key raw material -2,6-dimethyl aniline before, especially in 2008 when the price of 2,6-dimethyl aniline exceeded USD20,000/t.

Industrial affairs:
The overseas demand for China鈥檚 metalaxyl has showed an uptrend in the past two years and is likely to keep increasing.

Over 40% of China鈥檚 metalaxyl is exported Asian countries, and the share will keep increasing in the future.

Application user:
– Metalaxyl formulators
– Metalaxyl traders
– 2,6-dimethyl aniline traders

Topics of the report:
– Production and producers of metalaxyl TC and 2,6-dimthyl aniline in China, 2010-2013
– Price of metalaxyl TC and 2,6-dimthyl aniline in China, 2010-Q1 2014
– Influencing factors for supply and price of metalaxyl in China

Forecast on industry:
CCM assumes the development trend of metalaxyl TC and 2,6-dimthyl aniline will be stable in terms of both production and price in the near future.

Value to clients:
– Grasping the production and price of metalaxyl TC in China;
– Understanding the production and price of 2,6-dimethyl aniline in China;

– Desk research
– Telephone interviews
– Export analysis”


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