Market Review of China Fluorine Industry in 2014

Date: 2015-05

“Fluorine hot topic:

In 2014, the operating rate of fluorite manufacturers is low, with an average of 30%. The price decreased slightly and continuously. March is the peak month of fluorite price as usual but not this year. Although manufacturers collectively push up price in the industry conference, it didn’t have any improvement restricted by the downstream demand. In H1 2014, the operating rate of aluminum fluoride and hydrofluoric acid of the downstream manufacturers were generally low, which restricted the development of fluorite market. The international market depressed and purchased fluorite in a low price, which made the manufacturers fail to gain more profits.

It would realize the goal that to freeze the R-22 usage amount in household air-conditioner industry in 2013, with a basic level of 74,700 tonnes or even decrease more 10% on its basic level in 2015, and will totally eliminate 10,670 tonnes in the first elimination phase. While the industrial and commercial refrigeration industry will achieve a target that eliminates R-22 of about 9,500 tonnes in 2015. That is to say, according to the promise of the Chinese government, from now on, R-22 officially entered the comprehensively use freezing period. Over 20,000 tonnes of R-22 will be eliminated only in fields of domestic air conditioning as well as industrial and commercial refrigeration in the next two years.


Under the rules of WTO, the Ministry of Finance of China announced the 2013 Tariff Implementation Plan that the original fluorite tentative export tariff of 15% was canceled. What measures taken by China to protect non-renewable resources, will be the subject in the next few years.

In addition, according to the “”Montreal protocol””, China’s elimination period of HCFC (mainly R-22) is as of 2030. China freezes the household air conditioner by using R-22, but it increases production in other downstream fields, causing a phenomenon that eliminating with production at the same time.

What to report:

This report described the general situation about the fluorine industry in 2014, concisely analyzed the different part of fluorine, such as production situation and price. What’s more, it also states some representative products (R-22, PTFE, lithium hexafluorophosphate) and key enterprises in detail.


It is to predict different fluorine products based on the government policy. It’s expected that the new environmental-friendly refrigerant will grow significantly. While the high-tech processing fluorine-containing intermediate will still in a priority development in the next few years.


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