Market Research of Insect Protein in China

Date: 2015-05

“Industrial affair:

With an increasing population in the world, the demand for meat and protein sources also keeps increasing. In this case, how to reduce animal breeding cost with limited farmlands has become a main concern for the global society. Recently, the world has been paying attention to insects as new sources of protein for food and feed.

China has a long history in raising insects for food and feed. It is the major supplier and exporter of insect protein for feed in the world.

Purpose of the report:

CCM devotes itself to the study of China’s insect protein market through interviews with manufacturers, distributors and end users of insect protein for feed in China, aiming to help readers figure the major insect species for feed, the commercial production and consumption situation of the insect protein in China.

Applicable user:

– Manufacturers of insect protein
– Consumers of insect protein
– Manufacturers of fish meal and other protein content in feed
– Researcher of agricultural and feed industry

What to report:

– Overview of insect protein in China
– Regulations and policies on insect protein in China
– Market situation of mealworm in China (Supply, Price & cost analysis, Consumption)
– Market situation of other insect proteins in China
– Future business opportunities of insect protein in China
– Producers of insect protein in China

Value to client:

– Acknowledge the general information of China’s insect protein industry
– Understand the commercial information of major insect protein in China
– Learn about the development trend of China’s insect protein industry

– Desk research
– Telephone interview
– Summarization”


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