Magnetometer Market

Date: 2016-05

Magnetometers have been one of the most important pillars of modern day science. Its significance in research, space exploration, near earth geometrics, oil & gas and minerals exploration and consumer electronics devices has transformed the human life to a greater extent. In recent years, the magnetometers market has seen a tremendous growth, owing to its ever-increasing applications. The majority of vendors in the magnetometers market are spending more in R&D activities to proliferate and better positioning of their products in the market.
The report gives precise and comprehensive insights on the market trends and dynamics that are shaping this dynamic industry. The report classifies the global magnetometers market in different sections – market by product type, by form factor, by technology, by applications, and geography. The report also analyzes the different factors in the value chain of the magnetometers market and focuses majorly on pricing analysis.

The report majorly focuses on the opportunities in the magnetometers application market. With the advent in the technology the industry has seen huge usage of magnetometers in several applications. For instance, in recent years the smartphone revolution has triggered huge growth in the magnetometers market owing to its importance in the smartphone application for navigation purpose. The other major growth opportunity was witnessed from the near earth and space exploration operations. The majority of magnetometers demand comes from the exploration applications such as oil & gas exploration, coal and mineral exploration. The aerospace & defense is the other major application for the magnetometers market owing to its vital usage in marine, aerial (UAV), and ground military operations. The report analyzes applications such as consumer, commercial; coal, oil, gas, and mineral exploration; natural calamities research and monitoring; education and research; space research operations; defense and aerospace; industrial; and archeological applications among others.
Apart from the application’s opportunities mapping, the report also analyzes the different opportunities and dynamics globally by various regions. The North Americas, especially the U.S. is the leading demand generating market for magnetometers, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. Emerging economies like India and China are the most favorable markets for the magnetometer’s vendors, as majority is demand is coming from these countries.
The report gives detailed insights on the competitiveness of the magnetometers market. The report gives detailed insights on the key business strategies and developments adopted by the key vendors in the magnetometers market. All the major stakeholders in the magnetometers market are analyzed throughout the value chain.

The major manufacturers that are profiled in the report are
GEM Technologies,
Cryogenic Limited, and
Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG.


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