Lifecycle Management Strategies – Key tools to maximize return on investment in a tough healthcare environment

Date: 2015-06

“Pharmaceutical companies continuing to face the challenges of declining R&D productivity and rising costs, while trying to negotiate an increasingly risk averse and cost constrained healthcare marketplace, need to focus on improving their lifecycle management strategies in order to maximize their portfolios sales over the long term.

In an increasingly difficult operating environment, optimizing LCM strategies is an important way for companies to maximize their return on investment.

However, the changing environment is also impacting the effectiveness of the LCM strategies themselves. This means that LCM selection and implementation needs to be a dynamic and adaptive process and up to date market intelligence is key. Effective LCM planning begins early in the lifecycle of a drug, ideally during the R&D process and should include cross-portfolio considerations.

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– Overview of lifecycle management
– Lifecycle management strategies – selection and implementation
– Case study analysis

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Learn why lifecycle management is important in the pharmaceutical industry and when it should be employed for your products
– Understand what factors will have an impact on the lifecycle management strategy you choose and how they may differ depending upon the type of product you have and whether you are looking at the US or ex-US
– Gain insights into the various types of lifecycle management strategies that are being used today through actual case studies examples and our analysis of them
– Learn when to implement your lifecycle management strategy and who should be driving it forward
– Identify which products have done well with the lifecycle management strategies they’ve employed and why”


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