Investment Analysis of China’s Pesticide Industry

Date: 2015-07

“China’s pesticide industry plays an important role in global market. Since the more and more frequent cooperation and exchanges between domestic and overseas’ pesticide players, this report had been finished with full functions:
– It could be used for enterprises financing and foreign merchants cooperation;
– It could provide reference information for both domestic and foreign investors who are seek for proper investees or cooperators;
– It will provide as feasibility study report for foreign investor, and guide them to know what and how to invest in China’s pesticide market;
– It could let players in Chinese pesticide industry knew clearly about what had happened and what is ongoing, and then seize developing chance timely.

The investment in China’s pesticide industry is based on the following reasons:
– Under the serious situation of population expansion and limited farmland in the world, grain supply may be tight, so pesticides will continue to have an important position in global agriculture.
– It is predicted that the global pesticide sales value will reach USD85,000 million in 2020 with a CAGR (’13-’20) of 5.31%.As the largest pesticide technical supplier and exporter in the world, Chinese pesticide enterprises will benefit much from this.
– In the past decades, the pesticide output, sales value and pesticide trade in Chinese pesticide industry kept increasing.
– The sales profit margin had rebounded to some extent in recent two years.

In the past few years, many changes have occurred in Chinese pesticide industry. And thus have many new investment opportunities. What is the major melody in this stage? What are the development trends? Which areas will be good choice for investors? Who are good cooperators or investees for you? This report will give you clear information in the following aspects:
– Position of Chinese pesticide industry in the world: including global and Chinese market size; pesticide trade; pesticide enterprises; etc..
– Changes in China’s pesticide industry: pesticide consumption in China; pesticide products structure; merging and reorganization; pesticide E-business Vs traditional distribution channels; etc..
– Off-patent pesticide in global market;
– Ranking of domestic listed pesticide enterprises
– Analysis of listed pesticide enterprises


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