Insecticides China News 1601(12 issues per year)

Date: 2016-02

“In review, the Chinese pesticide industry experienced a downturn in 2015. All three categories of pesticide (fungicides, insecticides and herbicides) suffered varying declines in output, and the production and price of insecticides failed to satisfy market expectations.

In Dec. 2015, Newcon Inc., Ningbo successfully obtained registration certificates for its chilo suppressalis walker and spodoptera litura sex attractants from the MOA. This was groundbreaking in China and epitomized the standardized and legalized development of Chinese sex attractant technology. Consequently, this development could speed up the industrialization of insect pheromone and the broad application of green prevention and control technologies.

Negatively impacted by serious overcapacity and sluggish pesticide industry, current domestic thiamethoxam TC market is in a malaise. Pressured by environmental protection, the oversupply of thiamethoxam will be eased. Thiamethoxam TC market will be likely to have an upturn. Along with the large number of thiamethoxam formulations being registered and the promotion of thiamethoxam in downstream markets expanded by pesticide enterprises, the demand for thiamethoxam products is expected to be on the rise, which in turn will drag up its price.

Jingbo Agrochemicals revealed that it has successfully launched 9:1 isomer ratio indoxacarb TC (S-enantiomer content: 90%) production, which is now brought into scaled production with quality up to international advanced level.

On 26 Dec., 2015, Hubei Sanonda announced that it planned to sign agreements with ADAMA (Beijing). According to the agreements, ADAMA (Beijing) would become exclusive distributor or agent for the pesticide formulations produced by Hubei Sanonda in China, and due to this Hubei Sanonda would not require it’s own sales team for the domestic market.

On 5-6 Jan., 2016, Kwin Group held its annual meeting in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. Its top level management reported on its achievements in 2015 and shared development ideas for the future. In 2015, Kwin Group accomplished achievements in industrial investment, scientific research, branding and agricultural internet services etc., and going forward the company intends to formulate a new development strategy and research new products.

From Jan. to Nov. 2015, China’s exports of bifenthrin technical recorded YoY rises in volume and value. Its export value growth was lower than the growth that was achieved by export volume.

In recent years, thanks to manufacturers commitment to the R&D of abamectin mixed formulations, the registration and amount of abamectin mixed formulations has been on the rise in China.

According to data from the ICAMA, in Dec. 2015, altogether 6 insecticide TC and 1 acaricide TC were registered in China. Among them, chromafenozide TC was firstly registered in China.

On 4 Jan., 2016, the NATESC released a predication of crop diseases and pests for 2016. It’s predicted that the prevalence of major crop pests will be heavy and widespread in China in 2016.


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