How Britain Shops for DIY | Verdict Consumer Report

Date: 2016-02

How Britain Shops DIY is part of Verdict’s How Britain Shops series, which surveys 12,000 shoppers online to gauge how the nation shops across 12 different retail sectors. The report provides valuable insights into the UK DIY shopper demographics and shopping habits as well as DIY retailers’ performance in relation to the shopping drivers deemed important by consumers.

Key Findings
– Use retailer ratings across eight key metrics to benchmark the performance of retailers in the DIY market

– Understand what channels shoppers are using to make purchases and see how this varies across regions and demographics to improve customer targeting

– Identify what factors DIY shoppers find important, and how well retailers satisfy the expectations of their shoppers

The age group with the highest percentage of DIY shoppers is 65+, followed by 45-54 year olds. Already on the property ladder and less likely to move, consumers in these age groups continue to spend on home improvement projects and therefore constitute key demographics for DIY retailers.

Younger generations use non-traditional channels when they make DIY purchases. 25-34 year olds’ tendency to use click and collect is the highest among all age groups when shopping for DIY. A trend in the opposite direction is in place for 65+ DIY shoppers: their propensity to buy in store and take their purchases home is the highest.

BandQ remains the market leader, with the highest percentage of DIY shoppers visiting and purchasing from the retailer. Benefitting from the highest ratio of frequent to occasional shoppers, BandQ caters to a wide range of DIY needs while reducing its customers’ need to shop around.

– How much better off do DIY shoppers feel in comparison to last year?

– Which DIY retailers have the highest share of visitors and purchasers?

– How many other stores do your shoppers use for DIY?


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