Home Cleaning Robot market Expected to reach $2.2 billion by 2020

Date: 2016-09-18

Urbanization and the compelling aspects of achieving better use of time, creating more time for people will drive the Home Cleaning Robot market growth, using robots that replace manual cleaning is compelling. 

In addition, the global technologies will play a vital role to drive the growth of Home Cleaning Robot market, robotics related innovations improve demand. Robots for cleaning address a broader part of the potential customer base as the technology matures. Use of robots for cleaning is becoming more accepted. Products are becoming more diverse. With the technical improvements in sensors, visualization, and in the fields of robotic hobby, recreation, and warfare, robots are becoming less expensive and more adaptive to the cleaning task.

According to research, the global Home Cleaning Robot market Expected to reach $2.2 billion by 2020. On the basis of geography, the North America is dominating the global market followed by Asia; the Asia is estimated to hold the largest market share in several years due to its growing citizen income and increasing awareness to life standard by technologies.

Cleaning Robots that have been used for cleaning are very useful. Vacuum cleaner robots are forecasted to grow rapidly because units provide automated process that implements effective cleaning power. Vacuuming with the added convenience of automated performance is sure to fill the gap for people who have less available time to clean their homes.

Companies discussed in this cleaning robots market / robotic vacuum industry report include Bandai, , Coroware, Dyson, Electrolux, Fluidra, Google, Hanool Robotics, Hayward, iRobot, Karcher, KumoTek, Kyosho, LG, Lilin Group, Mamirobot, Matsutek, Metapo, Microbric, Miele, MSI, Neato Robotics, NEC, P3, Parallax, Pentair, Samsung, Surveyor, Yujin Robot, Zodiac Pool Systems, Toshiba, Ecovacs and Philips.

Home Cleaning Robot market share by region as following:


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