Herbicides China News 1603

Date: 2016-04

“As a whole, China’s herbicide market has no significant rebound in March 2016. The price still falls steadily. In particularly, the price declines of glyphosate and paraquat drag down the overall market price of herbicides. In detail, the domestic overcapacity, changed policies both at home and abroad, the outstanding resistance problems and stricter environmental acquirements made glyphosate market depressed. As the paraquat AS about to be banned in China, the transactions and demand for paraquat gradually reduce, pulling down the market price. Nowadays, the overseas demand becomes the major sales direction for China’s paraquat industry. Although the development and promotion of non-AS paraquat cannot improve the sluggish paraquat market currently, industry insiders still hold wait-and-see attitude towards the substitute market for paraquat AS.

Although the performance of some enterprises are hit by glyphosate and paraquat, some herbicides like glufosinate-ammonium and dicamba offset the negatives to some extent. For instance, that Lier Chemical expanded glufosinate-ammonium capacity helped increase the 2015 net profit by 49.82% year on year. Glufosinate-ammonium helped improve Lier Chemical’s market influence and comprehensive competitiveness, enhancing its overall profitability. Thanks to the growing of the dicamba business, Jiangsu Yangnong’s performance had not been seriously dragged down by the declining glyphosate price.



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