Herbicides China News 1511 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-12

“As of the end of Nov. 2015, China’s pesticide market remains in downturn with stable pesticide price. But the market still suffers from oversupply. For the herbicide market, the market demand is weak and the prices of most of products continuously declining. Take glyphoaste and paraquat, the leading products in the herbicide marker for an example, their market prices keep falling. Only individual herbicide varieties enjoy good market trend, such as dicamba and glufosinate-ammonium. Under this sluggish market, herbicide enterprises report different degrees of YoY drops in revenue and even encounter losses. Meanwhile, the performance of part of transnational pesticide enterprises is also unsatisfactory.
In Jan.-Sept. 2015, the export volume increased but export price dropped in China’s herbicide market, leading to obvious decline in export value. Thereinto, the herbicide formulation market maintained a downtrend, and the situation was even worse when compared to that in H1. Due to the market downturn, the export value of herbicide formulations was down by 16.41% year on year in Q1-Q3. On the contrary, the import market of herbicide formulations performed better than the export market. It can be seen that China’s herbicide market is still not get rid of predicament.



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