Herbicides China News 1510 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-11

“On 21 Oct., 2015, Shenghua Biok released its asset restructuring report, indicating that it will transfer strategic focus to online gaming business and whether it will continue develop pesticide business depends on the market situation. So, will Shenghua Biok keep developing pesticides? And will it spend less money on it?

All the time Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones always specialized in the R&D and production of herbicides. Among its production licenses of pesticides, over 85% are for herbicides. And the number of herbicide production licenses is still rising.

Shenzhen Noposion predicted that the YoY growth of its net profit in 201 5 will be 0%-30%. Of this, the YoY rise of its net profit in Q1-Q3 was 1 0.51 %.

Supported by the skyrocketing price of raw material, atrazine price rebounds in Oct. 201 5. It is predicted that the price of atrazine technical will remain stable and even achieve small rise in a short run.

Through years of development and restructuring, new pattern has been shaped in China’s pesticide industry. In recent years, some key elements, such as the core technologies in the industrial value chain, the development and manufacturing of new pesticides, the production of pesticide intermediates and the establishment of formulation brands, has been tightly seized in China’s pesticide industry to strengthen the industrial restructuring. Domestic pesticide enterprises have striven to build up their core competitiveness. Great achievements have been made as a result.

In Jan.-July 2015, China’s export volume of 2,4-D TC achieved a YoY rise of 44%. Notably, 98% 2,4-D TC became the focus of China’s 2,4-D TC exports again.

Factors like the market demand, export policy and RMB exchange rate will help the export of 2,4-D TC extend its activity achieved in Jan.-July 2015. It is predicted that the total export volume of 2,4-D TC in 2015 will be 45% higher than that in 2014.

In Oct. 2015, paraquat TK price stops falling and remains stable while the formulation price continues a downward trend.

Paraquat AS is going to be banned in China. The whole paraquat industry enmeshes in downturn and is unlikely to meet rebound due to slow progress of new formulation development, re-classified toxicity – highly poisonous and Brazil’s planning to ban paraquat import.

In Oct., thanks to the promising expectation of industry insiders, China’s average ex-works price of pyridine maintains stable. It is predicted that the price will stand at this level in a short run.

In Sept. 2015, 8 herbicide TC (including TK) were registered in China. Of this, bispyribac-sodium (active ingredient) obtained two technical registrations. Zhejiang Tianfeng obtained 3 technical registrations on herbicides.


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