Herbicides China News 1509

Date: 2015-10

“Diquat wins attention for it is the substitute for paraquat. However, since diquat has similar efficacy to paraquat, will it gain more development space from the prohibition of paraquat AS or encounter the same fate as it?

In the past few years, China’s pesticide intermediate industry recorded stable growth in profit, attributed to steady rise of downstream sectors and capacity transfer of pesticide giants. It is predicted that China’s pesticide intermediate industry will continue to develop steadily in the coming future.

At present, glufosinate-ammonium is very popular in the herbicide industry. It will further develop under the increasing resistance of glyphosate, ban of paraquat, developing GM crops and reducing production cost.

For a long time, the international market is always the backbone for Jiangsu Flagchem鈥檚 business revenue. Besides, its sales value to major clients is another backup for its revenue. Therefore, Jiangsu Flagchem says that its dependence on the international market and the client concentration are not only the advantages but also the risks for its development. Jiangsu Flagchem has to take effective efforts to control the risks.

Lier Chemical’s revenue is greatly impacted by the herbicide sales. It is predicted that the herbicide sales and its profit level are still the leading factors in the company’s future development.

In 201 5, Jiangsu Changqing’s dicamba enjoys good market demand and sales volume reports large YoY rises. It is said that the sales volume in the whole year will reach 3,000 tonnes. Dicamba becomes one of the important growth points in the company’s 201 5 performance.

In H1 201 5, China’s export volume of dicamba TC has exceeded that in 201 4. It is predicted that the YoY rise of dicamba TC in 201 5 will be over 200%.

Tianjin explosion pushed sodium cyanide to the cusp of public opinion. China’s sodium cyanide becomes one of the central issues in China. So, how about the import and export of China’s sodium cyanide?

In Aug. 201 5, 38 herbicide active ingredients obtained 46 herbicide TC registrations in China. Thereinto, 8 active ingredients respectively obtained two TC registrations and 8 enterprises obtained two separately.

In Sept. 201 5, China’s market price of paraquat TK continues falling. Experiencing the market downturn for a long time, industry insiders cannot help asking when the price will hit the lowest.



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