Herbicides China News 1504 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-05

“Paraquat is still one of the popular herbicides in the current herbicide market of China. On 17 April, Shandong Luba officially obtained the production license of 50% paraquat SG, which means that it can legally produce and sell non-AS paraquat product. This is also the driving force for the development of China’s non-AS paraquat market. As of April 2015, there were 5 enterprises obtained production licenses of non-AS paraquat, namely Nanjing Redsun, Shandong Luba, Shandong Kexin, Nanjing Gaozheng and Zhejiang Wynca. Of these, only Nanjing Redsun and Shandong Luba obtained the registrations on non-AS paraquat, others are now applying for the registrations to the ICAMA. At present, many industrial insiders worry that new paraquat formulations cannot completely fill up the gap that left by the prohibition of paraquat AS in the market, because the cost of non-AS paraquat is relatively high, the acceptance of farmers is uncertain, and the promotion effect of new products is not good. However, not a few insiders hold optimistic attitude to the market prospect of new paraquat formulations. They believe that there is no herbicide product can completely replace the position of paraquat in herbicide industry up to now; and farmers will be glad to accept new paraquat formulations which enjoy good effect and are convenient to use, despite high costs.
Nevertheless, since the development of new formulations of paraquat is still in slow progress, China’s paraquat TK market still remains stagnant. In April 2015, with the coming busy season for paraquat export, paraquat TK manufacturers are stocking up goods actively. For example, some of them improve the operating rates of production equipment of paraquat TK and some of them end up the overhaul to resume the production of paraquat TK.



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