Government Regulations and Subsidies for Sodium Gluconate in China

Date: 2015-05

“Industry Background:
In China, sodium gluconate is mainly used in the construction sector, with about 95% of sodium gluconate used as concrete admixtures. As China’s environmental policy become increasingly stringent, concrete admixture industries are constantly looking to some admixture products with environmental effects to replace admixtures with toxic properties.

Industrial affairs:
In China‘s sodium gluconate industry, although it doesn’t have any regulatory and subsidy policies, it’s affected a lot by the other related industry policies. New method of producing sodium gluconate has been developing in the direction of environmental protection and saving energy, and its prospects will be very broad.

China’s position:
China is the world’s largest sodium gluconate producer and consumer countries

Purpose of report:
CCM devotes itself to research further on the sodium gluconate policies and help customer know deeply about the related policies in the value chain of sodium gluconate.

Application user:
-Raw material manufacturers of sodium gluconate,
-Purchasers of sodium gluconate;
-Production managers of sodium gluconate;
-Professional engineers from sodium gluconate field and its related application industries
-Investors who take interest in China’s sodium gluconate and its downstream industries such construction industry;

What to report:
The report covers the following aspects:
-Subsidy policies of sodium gluconate related industry.
-Large construction projects.

Forecast on industry:
CCM will predict the demand of sodium gluconate will increase a lot in the future

Value to client:
-Discovering the related policies of sodium gluconate in China;
-Understanding the trend of infrastructure in china;

– Desk based research
It helps CCM to further understand the value chain of sodium gluconate and related policies.
– Telephone interviews
According to telephone interviews, CCM has further known about the application of sodium gluconate from both sodium gluconate producers and consumers.”


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