Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1603

Date: 2016-04

“In March 2016, China’s glyphosate price remains stable. The CAC 2016 did not bring much orders to glyphosate enterprises. Based on the experiences of previous years, the market demand for glyphosate will grow in March, which can push the glyphosate price to rebound to some extent. But according to the market feedback, enterprises will still hold wait-and-see attitude towards the market, and the transaction orders will be less in a short run. Although glyphosate formulations sell well currently, formulation enterprises insist on purchasing by demand. This cannot greatly support the glyphosate TC price to go up. But the prices of some major raw materials increase, relieving the downtrend pressure of glyphosate price. It is estimated that the glyphosate price would stay stable in coming future.

In 2016, the market demand for glyphosate is still depressed with low and stable transaction price affected by the blind capacity expansion, the constant changes in the European policies, the sluggish exports, the increasing resistance problem, and the stricter environmental protection acquirement. The operating rate of glyphosate enterprises is also low as many of them launch production only for maintaining the operation state.



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