Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1510 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-11

“IDAN develops along with the development of glyphosate industry. Thus IDAN market enters predicament affected by the sluggish glyphosate industry in China.

Entering Q4 2015, China’s glyphosate market is still in the doldrums. Purchasers hold wait-and-see attitude and manufacturers are also depressed about the market. Neither positive factors nor negative factors dominate the price of glyphosate. The price trend of glyphosate is not optimistic in the future.

To relieve the resistance of glyphosate single formulation, the mixed formulations of glyphosate and other herbicides will become development trend in China.

For the outstanding problem of old pesticides in China, the MOA plans to set up exit mechanism for old pesticides.

Glyphosate manufacturers suspend quotations before the opening of the AgroChemEx 2015. It is predicted that before the meeting ends, glyphosate manufacturers and purchasers will come to a deadlock.

2015 is the year when China’s e-commerce of agricultural means of production develops vigorously. Glyphosate, regarded as the leading product in China’s herbicide industry, will it profit from the booming e-commerce of agricultural means of production?

The shrinking market of glyphosate and the prohibition of paraquat will present enormous opportunities for new sterilant herbicides. In the coming future, which sterilant herbicide will be the final winner?

In many years, Sinochem International obtained a large amount of high-quality assets of pesticide production through investment and acquisition, including investing in Nantong Jianghsan, Jiangsu Yangnong and other famous chemical enterprises at home and abroad.

In Q1 -Q3 2015, Jiangus Yangnong’s revenue maintained a stable growth but the rise of net profit was much slower than that in 2014 and 2013. The sluggish glyphosate market, weak market turnover and continuously declining transaction price are major reasons.

In general, the ex-works price of glphosate TC in the first half of Oct. 2015 was unchanged compared with that in the same period last month. At present, glyphosate enterprises tighten the quotations. They hope the price will go up in the 201 5 AgroChemEx.

In Aug. 2015, China’s export volumes of glyphosate TC and glyphosate formulations reported MoM drops of 1 7.88% and 30.54% respectively.

In this article, CCM introduces a kind of preparation method of glyphosate-isopropylammonium mother liquor which can improve the production quality and efficiency and reduce the consumption of isopropylamine.


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