Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1509

Date: 2015-10

“Entering Sept., domestic price of glyphosate TC continues to maintain stable. So, whether China’s glyphosate enterprises could stabilize the price and how will the price develop in the coming future?

From end-Aug. to early-Sept. 2015, China’s glycine price continues falling, which cannot support the glyphosate price to rise.

Affected by the glyphosate market, Zhejiang Wynca’s net profit recorded a YoY decline of 134.25% in H1 2015.

In H1 2015, Guangxin Agrochemical’s revenue from herbicides skyrocketed by 375.12%, which boosted the total revenue of the company.

In H1 2015, in the face of grim business environment, many China’s manufacturers regarding glyphosate as main product fail to perform well.

As the glyphosate industry is continuously developing, the development and utilization of new glyphosate formulations have been one of hot issues in the industry. In the coming future, the glyphosate formulations must be further enriched.

In general, the ex-works price of glyphosate TC in the first half of Sept. 2015 remained stable over the same period last month. At present, the figure has stabilized at USD3,031/t (RMB19,300/t) for over two months.

In July 2015, China’s export volume of glyphosate TC and glyphosate formulations declined by 26.91 % and 15.45% month on month respectively.

In H1 2015, China exported 266,367 tonnes of glyphosate A.I., down about 3% year on year while up about 5% compared to H1 2013. In H1 2013-H1 2015, the export volume of glyphosate A.I. remains stable basically.

In H1 2015, China’s export value of glyphosate was USD1,182 million, hitting a record low in recent three years.

In H1 2015, China’s glyphosate exported to about 130 countries/regions and the ranking of export destinations by volume presented great changes.

In H1 2015, total over 30 manufacturers involved in glyphosate export in China. And they were relatively concentrated based on export volume.



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