Global UV-LED Market Projected To Grow At A CAGR Of 8.9% Over 2016-2020

Date: 2016-11-04

UV-LED has preferred qualities of compactness, lower cost of ownership and environmental friendly composition; UV LEDs continue replacing traditional UV lamps in incumbent applications. According to research, global UV-LED Market is projected to grow at a CAGR Of 8.9% over 2016-2020.

On the basis of application, increasing demand for UV LED in the disinfection and curing applications. The market for sterilization segment is growing gradually with their increasing use in the purification application.

In 2011, LEDs keep on being sold mostly in the UVA/B spectrum (especially in upper wavelengths, between 365 to 400 nm). More than 90% of the UV LED market (outside of R&D) was still covered by UV curing, counterfeit detection and medical & instrumentation applications requiring UVA/B sources. Concerning UVC LEDs, they were still mainly sold for R&D and scientific instrumentation purpose, but 2012 should see the commercialization of the first UV LED based purification system.UVA (400-315nm) business is currently the main UV LED market and will remain so for at least the next 5 years.

In terms of product level, the Asian companies, especially Japanese and Taiwanese ones, have taken the lead on the UV LED market but recently, some Chinese companies have also entered the playground: this should increase competition, reduce prices and enable mass applications at middle/long term.

World top UV-LED companies such as Sensor Electronics Technology Inc. (U.S.), Crystal IS, Inc. (Newyork), Xenex Disinfection Services (U.S.), Trojan Technologies (Canada), Aquionics, Inc. (U.S.), LiqTech International, Inc. (Denmark)

UV-LED market share by region as following:


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