Global Silicon fertilizer Market Projected To Register a 4.1% CAGR During 2016-2020

Date: 2016-09-27

Silicon is similar to carbon in that it can make four bonds with another molecule or molecules. Scientists hypothesize that this allows silicon to take on an active role in plant defense by mimicking bioactive molecules and thus activating or speeding up pathogen defense responses. Though the exact mechanism is still unknown, it has been demonstrated that silicon supplementation decreases black spot occurrence in nursery grown shrub roses and reduces pythium occurrence in poinsettia. In addition silicon supplementation slowed leaf miner activity in chrysanthemum and herbivory in other crops such as wheat and rice.

Silicon fertilizer is a non-toxic broad spectrum mineral fertilizer with high quality, high efficiency, the most attractiveness that its environmental friendly quality make it become popular to the global agricultural, according to research, the world Silicon fertilizer Market Projected To Register a 5.1% CAGR During 2016-2020.

On the basis of geography, Asia Pacific is dominating the Silicon fertilizer Market in both production and consumption, also, Asia Pacific is projected to grow at highest growth rate around the world, the growth region followed by North America, which is expecting to grow at a CAGR of 4% over the forecast period.

Silicon fertilizer Known Impacts on Plant Health
ƒ- Increases cell wall strength
ƒ- Results in increased wear tolerance
ƒ -Disease resistance
ƒ- Insect resistance
ƒ- More upri More uprigg g y ht growth and ri rowth and rigidity
ƒ -Increased shoot and root density, resulting
-In higher yields

The global top Silicon fertilizer manufacturers such as Denka,Fuji, Greenfir, Jinan Fulong, Khandelwal Biofertilizer, Maile, Nippon Slag Association, Planttuff, Shanxi Fubang, Weinan Shengyuan, Yuyuan, Zouping Runzi.

Silicon fertilizer market share by region as following:


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