Global Silage Additives Market Worth Around 542 $Million In 2016 And Is Expected To Reach 620 $Million By 2020

Date: 2016-09-11

The increasing meat demand has led to increased utilization of compound feed and silage feed additives. Rise in demand for animal protein in the region has exerted pressure on livestock farmers. This situation has generated an opportunity for silage additive manufacturers. This growth has created tremendous opportunity and demand for innovative products in animal nutrition. Focus to enhance feed utilization and to improve the health in the animals is another factor for growth in Silage Additives market.

Through the survey, global Silage Additives market is worth around $542 million in 2016 and is expected to cross $620 million by 2020.

In terms of geographic, Asia pacific Silage additives market is expected to reach $260 million by 2020 with an estimated CAGR of 5.33 %. China, India, Japan, Thailand and Australia are major markets. Subsidies on meat exports in countries like India are driving the manufacturers to increase meat production thereby fuelling the growth of markets. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia are also promising markets in the region. The major reason for growth in these countries is adoption of intensive farming system. Untapped markets of Asia-Pacific region are the target of many key players.

The European Silage additives market is predicted to reach a value of $210 million by 2020, growing with an estimated CAGR of 3.87% during the 2016-2020.

In Europe, penetrating the foreign markets by acquiring production units or local market leaders is another strategy adopted by the major European players. The industry dominant companies include Biomin, Cargill, Lallemand, Chr.Hansen and Danisco, which are best players and have a significant presence in Europe market as well.

Silage Additives market share by application as following:


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