Global Retail Innovations – 2015 ; Summarizing new retail innovations

Date: 2016-01

In a consumer-centric industry, retailers are evolving with customers and their ever-changing buying habits, lifestyles, demographics, shopping preferences, spending capability, and other parameters. It has become imperative for them to effectively target customers with products and services that best meet their requirements. In 2015, retailers adopted innovative tools based on augmented reality, expanded into omni-channel retail; improved shipping and payment facilities with options for shorten delivery and check-out time. Retailers also focused on product Innovations, a key trend under this was smart clothes and wearable technology, improved point of sale experience, and promotional campaigns.

Key Findings
–聽House of Fraser is using beacon-enabled mannequins in its store

–聽Carrefour introduces grocery list maker

– Alibaba’s Smile to pay

–聽Facebook to add buy-button

Global Retail Innovations- 2015 report, published by Conlumino, covers some of the key in-use and new retail innovations utilized by retailers across the world, to effectively engage consumers across a host of platforms, including mobile and social media, virtual and augmented reality, and in-store and online displays/visibility.

What else does this report offer?

–聽The report covers innovations under in-store technology, product development, omni-channel, payment and shipping, promotion, and customer engagement

–聽Insights based on innovation, their impact on consumer behavior, and retailer’s overall marketing strategy

–聽Sectors covered: apparel, accessories, luggage and leather goods, books, news and stationery, electrical and electronics, food and grocery, furniture and floor coverings, home and garden products, music, video and entertainment software, sports and leisure equipment

–聽Channels covered: Online, department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and hard-discounters, clothing, footwear, accessories and luxury goods specialists, electrical and electronics specialists, food and drinks specialists, cash and carries and warehouse clubs, music, video, book, stationery and entertainment software specialists, convenience stores (including independents) and gas stations, home improvement and gardening supplies retailers, home furniture and homewares retailers, value, variety stores and general merchandise retailers

–聽Explore an in-depth analysis of innovation and an insight based on its impact on stakeholders

–聽Keep ahead of innovations and ensure your business is not lagging behind its competitors

–聽Gain access to illustrations of major innovations under in-store technology, product, omni-channel, payment and shipping, promotion, and customer engagement

–聽Understand the value of new retail developments to your business

–聽Learn from innovations and define your RandD strategies based on the need of consumers and retail landscape”


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