Global Retail Banking Analytics

Date: 2015-11

Global Retail Banking Analytics is an interactive tool that provides essential market information to help inform strategic planning. It covers retail deposits, consumer lending, and a range of macroeconomic metrics. This is a Beta version, and will be refined during Q2 2015. We welcome feedback as we develop and continue to add to this tool. Please get in touch using the Ask the Analyst button.

– Improve the accuracy of your decisions by accessing our comprehensive market data.
– Assess which markets offer the greatest potential for business growth by viewing our developmental and macroeconomic data.

– Which markets are seeing the most growth in consumer lending and retail deposits?
– Which markets offer the greatest opportunities for new entrants and banks seeking to expand?
– How do markets compare with respect to regulatory requirements and banking infrastructure?

Key Highlights
Retail deposits in the US rose by 20% between 2011 and 2014, to reach $8,463bn.

In Hong Kong, outstanding balances on residential mortgages rose by 23% between 2001 and 2014, while outstanding balances on other forms of consumer credit rose by 54% over the same period.”


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