Global Rayon Carbon Fiber Market Projected To Reach USD 1.87 Billion By 2022

Date: 2018-03-02

Rayon is a manufactured fiber made from regenerated cellulose fiber. Rayon Carbon fibers are rayon based fibers about 5–10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

Rayon is produced from naturally occurring cellulose polymers, owe to the rayon base carbon fiber has a number of desirable properties such as availability, Low cost, Non-melting character, Ease of production, which lead to be one of largest adoption of carbon fibers in the market, according to research, global Rayon Carbon Fiber market is projected to reach USD 1.87 billion by 2022.

In terms of geography, the North America has been dominated the Rayon Carbon Fiber Market, which accounting for over a third of the global market. However, we expect the European and Asian regions to expand more rapidly, where growth rates perform above the global trend.

On the basis of application, strong growth of CFRP consumption in automotive, energy and aerospace applications as a result of the higher demand for fuel efficient vehicles and aircrafts. The amount of electric and hybrid vehicles manufactured has also increased considerably in recent years and this has led to higher usage of CFRP composites in the automotive and fuel cells sectors. Furthermore, the development of the wind power market, offshore drilling and deeper oil gas exploration have contributed to the growth of the CFRP market in energy sector.

In addition, due to the global rising the environmental healthiness, superior performance per weight of CFRP and environmental regulations to lower CO2 emissions in the EU and the US will continue driving the demand for CFRP composites in the coming years, also specially in China.

Global top manufacturers operating in Rayon Carbon Fiber market are OJSC, Cytec Industries, Toray Industries, SGL Carbon SE, Hexcel Corporation, Teijin Limited, Mitsubishi Rayon Carbon Fiber and Composites, Inc. among others.

Global Rayon Carbon Fiber market share by geography as following:

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