Global Raisins Market Expected To Reach 1.23 Million Metric Tons In 2017

Date: 2017-05-18

A raisin is a dried grape. Raisins are produced in many regions of the world and may be eaten raw or used in cooking, baking, and brewing.

Raisins contain 3.7%–6.8% dietary fiber, and contain no cholesterol, in addition which are also high in certain antioxidants, but are low in sodium. According to research, the global raisin production for 2017 is forecast to rebound nearly 5 percent to 1.25 million metric tons as gains in Turkey and Iran more than offset losses in the United States, Chile and China.

Geographically, as one of the largest raisins producer around the world, Turkey is expected to rebound their production to exceed 300000 tons at increase of 80000 tons compare to the 2016, due to favorable weather following last year’s frost damage. 

North America is world largest producer of raisins; North American production is forecast down 33,000 tons to 315,000. The third largest producer of raisins, China’s production is forecast down 5,000 tons to 185,000 as more grapes in the major growing region of Turpan are expected to move to the fresh market on improved prices. Thompson Seedless account for over 85% of acreage because this variety is suitable for fresh table grape consumption as well as processing into raisins. 

EU is the world largest raisins import region, according to research, EU imports are forecast to gain 8,000 tons to 335,000 on slightly higher shipments from Turkey and the United States.

Global top production countries in Raisins market are United States, Turkey, China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Afghanistan, and Australia among others.

Global Raisins market share by region as following:

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