Global Power Resistors Projected to Grow at 6.62% CAGR over 2016-2020

Date: 2016-09-11

A power resistor is sure to be extremely stable over time and function over wide operating temperatures. Quality power resistor manufacturing is essential in protecting electronic components from sudden current or voltage changes. Such unpredictable changes can be potentially hazardous to electronic products. For example, surges that reach microprocessor or memory components can destroy expensive parts, and erase critical data or programming. To prevent such losses to key components, many electronic products now include surge protection circuits. When placed within these electronic surge protection circuits, can prevent sudden current or voltage changes from damaging valuable electronic components.

Research reveals in certain instances, the power resistor for high voltage and high temperature application is highly demanded; these high voltage components are consumed directly on printed circuit boards by the major OEMs. Such examples would include undersea cable repeaters, medical devices, instrumentation and defense electronics, who would consume high voltage resistors for their PCBs in addition to consuming resistors directly on the PCB. The report reveals the global power resistors are projected to grow at 6.62% CAGR over 2016-2020.

Unit price by applications
Many applications for high voltage resistors > 1 kV also include extreme requirements with respect to either high frequency > 1 Ghz or high temperature > 150 degree C operation. The added specifications for frequency and operating temperature add value to the high voltage component. This is especially true for defense communications and for oilwell services industries and in some instances, may push the price of the high voltage resistor from an average of $3.00 per unit upwards to $150.00 per unit.

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