Global Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Market Expected To Hit USD$ 1720 Million By 2020

Date: 2017-03-02

A polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) or proton exchange membrane is a semipermeable membrane generally made from ionomers and designed to conduct protons while acting as an electronic insulator and reactant barrier, e.g. to oxygen and hydrogen gas. This is their essential function when incorporated into a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell or of a proton exchange membrane electrolyser: separation of reactants and transport of protons while blocking a direct electronic pathway through the membrane.

The Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell is emerging in many of the primary categories that fuel cells can satisfy. Existing membranes and assemblies still have room for improvement, according to research, the global Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Market is expected to hit USD$ 1720 million by 2020.

On the basis of geography, North America is largest market compare to the other region due to their heavy investment on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell development and improvement. According to research, North America is expecting to remain as a leader in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane market over the forecast period.

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel cells are generally categorized based on the type of electrolyte used. PEMFC use an acidic water-based polymer membrane with platinum-based electrodes. It operates at low temperatures and caters effectively to dynamic power requirements.

Global top manufacturers operating in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Market are , Ballard Power Systems, Fuelcell Energy, Hydrogenics, Plug Power, Protonex, ElectroChem, FKK, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells , Microgrid Solar, Nedstack PEM Fuel Cells, Nuvera Fuel Cells , Oorja Protonics among others.

Global Polymer Electrolyte Membrane market share by region as following:

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane

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