Global Plastic Antioxidants Market Analysis

Date: 2015-11-17

Plastics is an important material in daily life, its application field continue to broaden, however, polymeric materials, whether natural or synthetic, are prone to oxidation, make the material fading, yellowing, hardening, cracking, loss of gloss or transparent etc, which led to significantly lower of the degree of impact, anti-flexural strength, tensile strength and elongation and other physical properties, and affect the normal use of plastic products.

Antioxidant is an additive that can inhibit or delay the polymer by atmospheric oxygen or ozone degradation effect, and is the most widely used of plastics additives.

Antioxidants currently used on the market can be divided into four categories: Hindered phenolic antioxidant, Phosphite antioxidant, Sulfur-containing antioxidants, Composite antioxidant.

2014 proportion of the world’s consumption structure of antioxidants

Plastic Antioxidants

According to the statistics, total global consumption of plastic antioxidants was 448,500 tons in 2014, global plastic antioxidants market sales volume are expected to reach 476,500 tons by 2018, at a CAGR of 2.18%.

2014 global consumption of antioxidant region

consumption of antioxidant


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