Global Plasma Light Market To Register A CAGR Of 7.1% Over 2018-2022

Date: 2018-03-02

Modern plasma Lights generate light by exciting plasma inside a closed transparent burner or bulb using radio frequency (RF) power. Typically, such lamps use a noble gas or a mixture of these gases and additional materials such as metal halides, sodium, mercury or sulfur. In modern plasma lamps, a waveguide is used to constrain and focus the electrical field into the plasma.

The horticulture and entertainment are expected to be the major factors fueling the plasma Light market, the growing urbanization includes the increasing number of horticulture infrastructure projects worldwide is the biggest end user helping the growth for the Plasma Light market; according to research, the global Plasma Light market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.1% during 2018-2022.

In terms of application, horticulture and agriculture are expected to growing at the highest CAGR for the forecast period, in addition, owe to the plasma light high mast luminaires can reduce operational and maintenance costs, result in implementation of plasma Lights across our fixture lines provides superior and state of the art performance, related to life, light output and color stability and consistency. Flexible design, modular construction, and multi-voltage ballasts enable us to supply architectural requirements rapidly and reliably.

Geographically, the North America is expected to be the largest market as well as register a highest CAGR during the forecast owing to their largest horticulture and agriculture market across the world. 

Global top manufacturers operating in Plasma Light market are Pure Plasma Lighting, Lightahead, CozyCabin, RioRand, Crystallove, HDE, Creative Motion, PowerTRC, Katzco, URBAN ARMOR GEAR, Mega Racer, Hfele GmbH & Co Kg, Inter-Lux among others.

Global Plasma Light market share by geography as following:

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