Global MEMS Gyroscopes Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 9.0% over the period 2015-2019

Date: 2016-09-14

MEMS gyroscopes are motion sensors that detect and measure the angular motion of an object. It measures the rate of rotation of an object around a particular axis. 1-axis, 2-axis, and 3-axis gyroscopes, capable of measuring velocity in three directions, are available in the market. Currently, 3-axis gyroscopes are combined with 3-axis accelerometers and 3-axis magnetometers to achieve 9 DOF, and these are generally used in consumer electronics. The increased demand for mobile devices has propelled the growth of the MEMS Gyroscopes market. The cost of MEMS gyroscopes is expected to decline drastically during the forecast period, leading to its increased adoption. MEMS Gyroscope is widely used in spacecraft orientation, automotive industry, photography, entertainment, hobbies, industrial robotics, additional applications.

MEM gyroscopes are not a specific type, but a class, of gyroscopes which are printed onto circuit boards using photolithography.

There are many types, but they all rely on the same principle, that of vibrating objects undergoing rotation.

Each type of MEMs gyroscope has some form of oscillating component from where the acccleration, and hence direction change, can be detected. This is because, as per the conservation of motion law, a vibrating object likes to continue vibrating in the same plane, and any vibrational deviation can be used to derive a change in direction.

These deviations are caused by the Corolis force, which is orthogonal to the vibrating object. The Coriolis force can be seen in the bottom part of the above image. As the wheel rotates, the ball deviates from a straight trajectory, which can be detected.

The global MEMS gyroscopes market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 9.0% over the period 2015-2019. In terms of geography, North America occupied the largest market share of MEMS gyroscope, Asia Pacific will expand at a highest growth rate.
Some of the major players in the market of MEMS Gyroscope as the following


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