Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus/industry publication

Date: 2015-05

“Phosphate is crucial to human beings because of its feature of being non-renewable and the great importance of phosphate fertilizer in agricultural production. Thus, phosphorus resources are attracting more and more attention in the world. In order to protect phosphorus resources, some countries in the world have restricted the production and export of yellow phosphorus. Still, some countries are encouraging the production and export of the product, some even inviting foreigners to explore their domestic phosphorus resources.

Though the production of yellow phosphorus faces overcapacity in the world at present, it’s still uneasy for end users to obtain it. It’s more interesting that it’s difficult for some countries to get yellow phosphorus while some other are involved in anti-dumping cased for the product. Then how is the global yellow phosphorus industry currently going on earth?

The global consumption of yellow phosphorus is distributed in the major production countries and major importers. Thermal phosphoric acid still takes the largest share in the global total consumption of yellow phosphorus, while phosphorus trichloride is playing a more and more important role. What happened in the past few years?

This report answers more than this. What are the differences between major players in the world? How will the future scenario be in the world and in different countries? What is the situation of major yellow phosphorus exporters in the world, such as China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and the US? How about the major importers, such as Germany, Japan, Poland, Brazil, India, Italy and France?

To answer all these questions, CCM has carried out research on the global yellow phosphorus market, which mainly covers the following aspects:

– Global supply of phosphorus ore in 2013 and how it influences the production of yellow phosphorus
– Production situation of yellow phosphorus in major countries in 2013 and forecast on the development in 2014-2018; and related policies and regulations.
– General consumption of yellow phosphorus in the world by major country and application field in 2013
– Global trade flow of yellow phosphorus and phosphorus ores in 2013
– Global demand for yellow phosphorus in 2014-2018”


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