Global Magnesium Oxide Boards Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2016 to 2020

Date: 2016-09-14

Magnesium Oxide board “MgO board” is a factory-made, non-insulating sheathing board product. It can be used for a number of applications including wall and ceiling linings, fascias, soffits, tile backing and underlayment. It is made of magnesium oxide, a type of mineral cement, and is commonly called simply “MgO” due to its chemical composition of magnesium (chemical symbol Mg) and oxygen (chemical symbol O). Think of MgO as a type of sheathing board (sort of like drywall or cement board) but with muchimproved characteristics such as fire resistance, weather ability, strength, resistance to mold, mildew, and so on.

MgO is available in many forms, and for building construction comes in various thicknesses and sheet sizes. It also comes in various grades, such as smooth finishes, rough textures, and utility grades. It is white, beige or light gray in color, and has a “hard” sound when rapped with your knuckles–somewhat like Portland cement board. There are dozens of companies that make MgO board, most of which are in Asia. There are several large producers, but most are small local manufacturers who serve a region. Not much MgO is used in North America so far, but no doubt will become much more widely used in the future.

Magnesium Oxide Boards are mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings and home residential and other interior partition walls, suspended ceiling.

The global magnesium oxide boards market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2016 to 2020. In terms of geography, Asia-Pacific is the largest market of magnesium oxide boards, North America will be the fastest growing market of magnesium oxide boards.
Some of the major players in the magnesium oxide boards market are the following


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