Global Ground Handling System Projected To Hit USD420.6 Billion By 2020

Date: 2016-11-29

Global increase in the passenger and cargo air traffic is the key driver to fuel the growth for the Ground Handling System, according to report, global Ground Handling System is projected to hit USD420.6 billion by 2020.

The main reason to drive the Ground Handling System market is from the support by several governments worldwide and the local airport authorities are also stimulating the industry growth. Aviation and local airport authorities regulate the operations of handling equipment related to the safety of airliners, passengers, and the cargo to be transported.

The aircraft ground handling system broadly comprises of all those services required by an aircraft between landing and take-off. An example for these services would be aircraft marshaling, loading, unloading, refueling, baggage-handling, passenger-handling, and aircraft maintenance, etc. An airline may choose to provide services for them (self-handling), or may enter into contracts with another company (third party handling), be it an airline or a dedicated ground handling company.

On the basis of geography, North America represents the largest market for aircraft ground handling systems. The ramp handling segment represents the largest market, supported by the need for aircraft marshaling on ground, parking assistance, aircraft towing, pushback, provision, and operation of necessary units to start the engine, and for safe passenger conveyance, boarding and unboarding.

The multi-billion-dollar expansion of airline fleets and airports globally has set off significant growth prospects for the aircraft handling industry players.Both, airlines operators and airports are focused on procuring and implementing advanced technologies to meet the rising air traffic and ensuring greater profitability, performance, and efficiency amidst stiff competition.

Ground Handling System market share by region as following:


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