Global eSports Market is Projected to Reach $1.9 Billionby 2018

Date: 2015-12-20

While Asia has generally been the worldwide leader in the eSports industry, North America and Europe are in the process of catching up. North America and Europe combined now make up 52% of the eSports market and continue to rapidly grow while Asia鈥檚 market has begun to stagnate. Currently, Asia still holds the largest market share, with $321 million, but North America has secured 2nd place with $224 million with Europe trailing at $172 million.

MOBAs continue to dominate the industry, but prize pool payout is not directly tied to a game鈥檚 worth. Dota 2 has clearly had the largest prize pools in eSports history with The International tournaments paying out in the millions; however, League of Legends is still bringing in the most revenue with just over $1 billion when compared with $156 million for Dota 2. The next most lucrative titles are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, SMITE, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Industry money is coming from more than just developers. Investors have put more than $150 million into new platforms such as eSports fantasy and betting websites, but these outlets have only returned a fraction of the initial investment, approximately $56 million, this year. Furthermore, the market is beginning to become oversaturated with many smaller websites popping up. This could cause future problems for amateur tournament platforms, which earned $28 million this year.


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