Global Decorative Light Market Projected to Reach 87.4 $Billion by 2020

Date: 2016-09-11

The Decorative Lights are designed to complement the architecture with elegant lines and forms that add elements of light for visual interest to the space or, when used repetitively, as a rhythm of light.

The LED Decorative Light will penetrate the Decorative Light market which attribute to its advance energy saving technology.

The implementation of LED technology across our fixture lines provides superior and state of the art performance, related to life, light output and color stability and consistency. Flexible design, modular construction, and multi-voltage ballasts enable us to supply architectural requirements rapidly and reliably.

In the most of areas the poor lighting practice is rampant. Careless and excessive use of lighting in our outdoor environments causes extensive damage to the aesthetics of the night, at the same time that it compromises safety and utility, the very uses for which it is usually installed. Bad lighting hurts everyone. It starts a cascade of negative consequences – beginning with the loss of our views of the heavens, continuing through falling levels of safety and utility, irritation of neighbors and wildlife, disturbance of the rhythms of day and night that are vital to many natural systems, damage to the aesthetic appearance of our communities, wasted monetary and natural resources used to produce wasted light, and increased air pollution and carbon dioxide levels from wasted fossil fuels. There is nothing good that comes from bad lighting.

The LED Decorative Light can solve most of above problems, according to research, global Decorative Light market is estimated to reach 87.4 $Billion by 2020, and the LED Decorative Light will have penetration of over 87.7% in Decorative Light products. 

Decorative Light market share by type as following:


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