Global Commercial Opportunities Derived from Glyphosate Industry-Executive Summary

Date: 2015-07

“This executive summary comes from report Global Commercial Opportunities Derived from Glyphosate Industry finished in June 2015.

Being the best selling herbicide among all herbicides/pesticides in the world, glyphosate has witnessed fast development in the past few years along with the promotion of bio-tech crops especially Round-up ready crops.

Both the global capacity and output of the product has increased rapidly in the past few years, and related products including iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN), diethanolamine (DEA), glycine and paraformaldehyde (PF) also post fast growth correspondingly.

This executive summary briefs you an overview of glyphosate and its key raw materials mentioned above in the world mainly in the aspects of supply, demand and key influencing factors.”



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