Global Automotive Seatbelt Pre-tensioner Market Growth at 7.46% CAGR during the forecast period

Date: 2016-09-12

As worldwide automobile production exceed 90 million in 2015, and expect 93 million automobiles will be produced in 2016; some 68.56 million cars were produced worldwide and about 22.12 million such vehicles were produced globally in 2015, thanks to impetus from increasing automobile production, the global Automotive Seatbelt Pre-tensioner Market Growth at 7.46% CAGR to 2020.

Seatbelt pre-tensioner, a passive safety system, is activated when an installed sensor detect a rapid deceleration during an accident. It is used to manage the occupant’s energy in a crash by pulling the driver and front-seat passenger firmly into their seats, thereby reducing the occupant’s load in a violent crash. Automotive seatbelt pre-tensioners tighten the seatbelt during the first few fractions of a second in a crash.

Types of seat belts
Two-point: A restraint system with two attachment points. A lap belt.
Automatic: Any seatbelt that closes itself automatically. Used mainly in older luxury models.
Sash: Adjustable strap that goes over the shoulder. Used mainly in the 1960s, but of limited benefit because it is very easy to slip out of in a collision.
Lap and Sash: Combination of the two above (two separate belts). Mainly used in the 1960s and 1970s, usually in the rear. Generally superseded by three-point design.
Three-point: Similar to the lap and sash, but one single continuous length of webbing. Both three-point and lap-and-sash belts help spread out the energy of the moving body in a collision over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders.
Five-point harnesses are safer but more restrictive seat belts. They are typically found in child safety seats and in racing cars. The lap portion is connected to a belt between the legs and there are two shoulder belts, making a total of five points of attachment to the seat.
Six-point harnesses became popular after Dale Earnhardt died during a NASCAR race. Earnhardt was wearing a five-point harness when he crashed and died. Because it was thought at first that his belt had broken, some teams ordered a six-point harness. The sixth point has two belts between the legs, which are seen by some to be a weaker point than the other parts.

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Seatbelt Pre-tensioner market share as following:


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