Global Aircraft Ground Handling Services Market will grow at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2016 to 2020

Date: 2016-09-12

Ground handling services include all the services an aircraft needs during the period it remains on the ground. Some airlines receive these services from a ground handling services companies while others prefer to use their own equipment. Under normal circumstances airlines provide ground handling services in five different operational areas: ramp services; passenger services; cargo and mail services; load control, communication and flight operations services; representation and supervision services.

Ramp Services
Meeting and marshalling the aircraft; Offloading and loading the aircraft; Equipment supply; Provision of Ground Power Unit, Air Condition Unit and Aircraft Push-Back Tractor services; Interior cleaning; Provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft; De-icing of aircraft in adverse weather conditions and taking measures for anti-icing; Passenger and crew transport between aircraft and passenger terminals; Storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.

Pasenger Services
Incoming passenger acceptance and guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit; Lost, damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming passengers (if any); Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and baggage processes; Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft; Incoming and outgoing VIP, unaccompanied children and special care passenger services; Specially trained personnel for disabled passengers.

Cargo and Mail Services
Acceptance of export cargo and mail documents; Physical control and preparation of export cargo and mail; Monitoring cargo and mail for proper loading to the aircraft; Custom transactions of export cargo; Transfer of incoming cargo to import warehouse and incoming mails to Turkish Postal Services (PTT); Detection of disruption of imported cargo and mail if any, and taking necessary actions; Completion of custom clearance of the imported cargo and preparing it for delivery to recipients; Notification of recipients; Transfer cargo services.

Load Control, Communications and Flight Operation Services
Coordination of aircraft servicing units; Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, weather forecast, flight plan etc.); Load control, weight and balance calculations; Transmission and reception of all operational messages, notification of all related units; Communication and coordination between aircraft and ground services. Flight permit and airport slot applications; Preparation and distribution of flight plan to the cabin crew; Coordination with fuel and aircraft catering companies; Preparation of weather forecasts and navigation information and distribution to the cabin crew.

Representation and Supervision Services
Making payments and/or issuing guarantees on behalf of the airlines to related institutions such as terminal operators, airport authorities, customs, police, etc. against all services provided and listed above as per respective contracts; Establishing and maintaining contact with local authorities in the name of the airline company; Preparing, transmitting and filing reports, statistics, documents, etc related to flights.

The global aircraft ground handling services market is projected to reach USD 72.1 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2016 to 2020. By the regions, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market, North America and Europe are the relatively mature market, and is expected to grow at a steady growth rate in the next few years.

Aircraft Ground Handling Services Market Share Analysis of Major Companies, based on the Sales, 2015 & 2020


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