General Insurance Analytics: Claims and Expenses

Date: 2015-11

This interactive dashboard database delivers a comprehensive overview of claims and expenses across your industry, including information on claims incurred and paid, a range of expenses statistics (including claims management and operations costs) as well as underwriting profit figures for UK insurers’ key lines of business over four years.

– Compare claims and expenses across all major general insurance markets.
– Gain an understanding of how your competitors are operating across all general insurance markets
– Find out which insurers were most efficient in claims management
– Our dashboard simplifies your analysis by delivering data in a graphical interactive interface. From the dashboard you can export graphics and data.

– Which insurer has the highest amount of claims?
– Which insurer is performing best in terms of claims management?
– What is the underwriting profit of the key insurers?

Key Highlights
Levels of underwriting profit vary across insurers and years, with some winners and losers across all markets.

Claims figures have decreased for the market in 2014.”


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