Fungicides China News 1603

Date: 2016-04

“In March 2016, eyes of most Chinese pesticide manufacturers were caught by the CAC2016 and the CAC conference week. At the conference, Zhang Wenjun, director of ICSD, ICAMA, introduced China’s exports of pesticides in 2015 and pointed out that it was the first time to see downturns in both imports and exports of pesticides over the past 5 years. Specifically:


– Volume: 1.51 million tonnes, down by 8.06% YoY
– Value: USD7.28 billion, down by 16.87% YoY


– Volume: 57,600 tonnes, down by 14.21% YoY
– Value: USD678 million, down by 8.88% YoY

Moreover, the list of China’s top 20 pesticide exporters in 2015 were unveiled at CAC2016, which demonstrated the manufacturers’ ability and achievements in expanding overseas market, as well as their excellent quality of pesticides and capability of supply. This also helped to further these companies’ influence.

Notably, there were still some highlights in the overall pesticide export market.

According to Zhang Wenjun, since 2011, exports of technical have decreased year by year, while more high value-added formulations have been exported and become a new driving force. This manifests China’s successful structure adjustment in the pesticide industry.

China’s export volume and value of fungicide formulations both increased over 2014, according to China Customs and analysts CCM. However, due to the downturn in the overall pesticide market, the rise in value was much smaller than that in volume.

CCM has made detailed analysis on China’s exports and imports of fungicide formulations and the top 20 pesticide exporters in following report.”


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