Fungicides China News 1601(12 issues per year)

Date: 2016-02

“In 2015, Chinese pesticide industry experienced a downturn. Under such circumstances, the fungicide market witnessed an extraordinary performance. CCM will follow up on the fungicide market dynamics and market conditions and make the corresponding analysis.

In 2015, 3 fungicide enterprises successfully went listed on the A-share market to raise capital for their ongoing development. This move is facilitating the development of the fungicide industry.

Entering into Jan. 2016, the peak demand season for mancozeb comes. Downstream enterprises start to place orders to beef up its inventories, and domestic main mancozeb manufacturers are busy with receiving orders. This indicates that mancozeb price is likely to climb.

In 2015, Chinese pesticide industry experienced a downturn. Only chlorothalonil performed well: price growth and outstanding exports. It is estimated that the market demand for chlorothalonil will still maintain stable in the future.

On 8 Jan., 2015, China Securities Regulatory Commission published the IPO prospectus of Sword Agrochemicals, indicating that another fungicide enterprise is expected to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

On 14 Jan., 2016, Jiangsu Huifeng released the amendment of 2015 financial performance. Accordingly, the company underwent a YoY decrease in net profit, which was different form the primary prediction of YoY increase., gross profit margin of its products and performance of subsidiaries were contributed to a decline in Jiangsu Huifeng’s net profit.

According to China Customs and CCM, from Jan. to Sept. 2015, China’s exports of mancozeb technical saw YoY rises in volume and price. Its export volume grew by 57.78% YoY, and its average export price was up by 71.71% YoY.

In 2015, pyraclostrobin was undoubtedly regarded as one of the key fungicides by Chinese pesticide enterprises. Some domestic pesticide enterprises are constructing pyraclostrobin production lines or intend to construct pyraclostrobin production lines. Also, a large number of enterprises applied for registration certificates for pyraclostrobin products. There was a surge in pyraclostrobin registrations in China.

According to the ICAMA, in Dec. 2015, a total of 7 fungicide technical (including 7 active ingredients) were registered in China (new registrations did not include renewal of old registrations).

2015 saw opportunities coexisted with challenges in Chinese pesticide industry. Policies and regulations related to pesticide industry are introduced and enacted in succession. CCM made a summary on key policies and regulations of Chinese pesticide industry in 2015.


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