Flavor Appeal in Gum ; Flavor preferences and innovation opportunities

Date: 2016-01

Consumer experimentation is fairly high in gum, so tapping into the most engaging flavor trends is a strong route to building novel appeal and piquing consumer curiosity.

Key Findings
–聽Consumer experimentation is fairly high in gum, with almost two thirds of consumers saying they opt for new flavors sometimes or often. This particular audience is most likely to be encouraged to try new flavors by their own curiosity or through a positive sampling experience.

–聽Given the somewhat functional nature of gum chewing, fresh/herbal varieties account for the vast majority of preferences; within this, however, there are regional nuances as to mint type, and beyond.

“”Flavor Appeal in Gum”” provides an understanding of the most appealing flavor types within the gum category and outlines consumer preferences for individual flavors in this market. It highlights key opportunities for flavor innovation within the category by offering a “”deep dive”” into regional and demographic-specific nuances using insight from Canadean’s 2015 Q2 global survey.It delivers the critical “”what?””, “”why?””, and “”so what?”” analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products.

Your key questions answered:

–聽Which flavor type in gum is the most appealing to consumers?

–聽Which countries and demographics present opportunities for flavor innovation in gum products?

–聽What factors encourage trial of new gum flavor variants? Does this vary by age?

–聽How does the appeal of individual flavors stack up against each other within a flavor type?

–聽See a “”deep dive”” approach to the demographic and regional nuances in flavor preferences for gum products.

–聽Discover inspiration from product examples that showcase best-in-class flavor innovations in gum.

–聽Understanding what drivers the appeal of individual flavors within popular flavor groups in the gum category.”


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