Flash cards will command the future of the entire electronic information stored market

Date: 2016-09-11

A flash card is a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study. One writes a question on a card and an answer overleaf. Flash cards can bear vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question-and-answer format. Flash cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition.

Flash cards are generally used in digital cameras, handheld computers, MP3 and other small digital products as the storage medium, so it looks compact, like a card, so is called flash card.

According to different manufacturers and different applications, flash card can be roughly divided into SmartMedia (SM Card), Compact Flash (CF Card), MultiMediaCard (MMC Card), Secure Digital (SD Card), Memory Stick, XD-Picture Card (XD Card), MicroDrive. These flash cards are different in appearance and size, but the technology principle is the same. Among them, SD card and Memory Stick will become the mainstream market.

The global flash cards market is expected to reach USD 176.1 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 20% over the next few years.

Because of the many advantages of flash cards and application fields of flash cards, flash card have been gradually replaced the traditional storage media, and become the main force of the future storage industry. Mainly reflected in digital cameras, mobile phones and other electronic storage areas, its potential is unlimited, the market is huge. Because smart phones, 3G mobile phones continue to to promote universal, demand of flash card dedicated by mobile phones will become increasingly large. Flash will command the electronic information stored world in the furture.

The key players on the market include:


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