Ferroelectric RAM Market

Date: 2016-05

One of the key requirements for any storage technology is the ability of the technology to have density storage capabilities whilst allowing for the memory to be recovered or recalled. Power consumption by the technology is also vital as there is a common power source for the storage device as well as for the other components of the overall product. In this respect, there have been a number of storage technologies which have been developed and deployed across different electronic devices depending on the size of the device, the amount of memory that the device is expected to hold and the memory recall requirement. Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) stands for random access memory. This memory combines the benefits of DRAM, ROM and flash memory. Faster read and write access is the key benefit FRAM. Higher memory retention is also a key advantage of FRAM over other storage technologies. As the term suggests FRAM uses a ferroelectric layer as against the standard dielectric layer as a result of which the benefits mentioned above ca be realized. The biggest advantage of FRAM however is the low power requirement for the storage device the makes it popular amongst many device manufacturers. Also, FRAM has the benefit of faster memory recall which is in line with the advantages associated with flash memory, but with higher memory retention. Security applications are expected to be a key driver for the FRAM market because of the higher memory and faster recall properties associated with the storage technology.

In terms of technological development, vendors operating in the market have already invested heavily in R&D of storage technology especially in ferroelectric RAM technology. The technology is expected to be used widely in data centers as well as for wireless sensor operations where data recall will be done wirelessly and hence, speed would have to be of the essence.

Ferroelectric RAM Market

The Ferroelectric RAM market can be segmented on the basis of application:
Access control
Energy meters
Security systems
Sensor networks
Smart cards
In terms of product, the Ferroelectric RAM market has been segmented across the following:
Computer desktops
Mobile devices
Personal digital assistants
The market has been segmented based on the following geographies:
North America
South America
Middle East
Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the Ferroelectric RAM market:
Cypress Semiconductor
Fujitsu Ltd
Infineon Technologies
International Business Machines
LAPIS Semiconductor
Texas Instruments
Toshiba Corporation


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